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Visit Brighton For Your Hen Do On Water Event!

You’d be mad whilst blessed with the joys of the beautiful Brighton coastline not to take advantage of everything the marina has to offer for a hen party event. If you’re looking for a fun, exhilarating activity to take your Hen Do to the next level then look no further than Lagoon Watersports. You can take the laid back approach with their Stand Up Paddle Boarding, (we recommend saving the cocktails until after this activity!) For the adrenaline junkies hens, we have everything from wake-boarding to raft-racing; all a guaranteed thrill. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into water-sports on a regular basis, or if none of you have ever done anything like this before, Lagoon Watersports have an accomplished team capable of taking you right from basics!

Lagoon Watersports

We promise we’ll explain! We all know Brighton has all the ingredients for the action-packed hen event, quirky yet perfectly girly weekend all in one! In fact, Brighton far exceeds your basic Hen Do checklist, (the tourist attractions, the shops, the food, the clubs), it offers unique experiences you just couldn’t get anywhere else. And this time we’re not just talking about the nightlife! Brighton is home to some of the best water-sporting companies around so if you girls are into turning it up a notch and having some fun, this is definitely the one for you!

Hear it from Rachael (bride):

“Wake-boarding with all of my best friends for my Hen Do was seriously the most insane experience I could have asked for. My maid of honour surprised me with the whole thing so I didn’t even know I was doing it until we reached the marina! I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was so fun to do something different. It’s rare that I manage to get together with everyone and the fact that we went with Lagoon Sports really made the whole thing unforgettable.

We definitely all fell in at one point or another! The team were super friendly and helpful as well, really made the day! Our hotel was nearby so once we’d finished we headed back to get changed before heading out again for a boozey Saturday night. Brighton really does have it all!”


Location is everything when planning a Hen Do Weekend and it’s important the party never stops.
Once your event on the water has finished, leaving you buzzing and ready for a night on the town, Lagoon Watersports has base in Brighton’s Marina so you’re on the doorstep of some of the cities most recommended restaurants. You’re also a matter of minutes away from the heart of Brighton’s nightlife!

Hen Do Water-sporting Checklist

Embarrassing photos guarantee, CHECK!
Opportunities for matching t-shirts, DOUBLE CHECK!
Can the bride paddle board with a plastic veil? CHECK!

What are you waiting for?

So arm your girls with waterproof lipstick and come and take the plunge, (literally in some cases); throw the girls an adventure packed weekend in Brighton they’ll never forget!

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