Things to bare in mind when planning an action packed hen do

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Things to bare in mind when planning an action packed hen do :

Girls – you’ve managed to get everyone together in the same place at the same time. It’s a rare occurrence and you want to make the best of it! And Brighton of all cities with all that it has to offer? You’ve booked some of the most fun-filled, action packed activities possible and you’re all raring to go. At Lagoon Watersports, we’re the group activity experts so we’ve left you these helpful tips and tricks to ensure that the logistics of pulling off your perfect hen weekend all go according to plan.

Book with someone who caters for you!

Like with us here at Lagoon Watersports, your best bet is to book with someone who is going to be used to big party groups or you might not get what you bargained for. Whether you’re at the Marina with us or over at Hove Lagoon, we’ve got a broad range of activities from yachting to dinghy sailing, ever SUPing, wake boarding and raft racing. All of these packages come with an instructor to lead the way and train you and your girls right from the basics. So make sure you book someone with the friendly staff who are going to ensure you get the wild ride you asked for!

Think about accommodation…

If you’re wet and muddy, trekking back to a plush hotel after having a blast doing whatever adrenaline thrill takes your fancy might not be the wisest plan. For a fun-filled weekend we recommend renting a house for you and your hens to spend the weekend in. It’s far better than cramming yourselves into tiny hotel rooms and it gives you the space to prep and carry out all of the celebratory activities you have planned.

Location, location, location!

At Lagoon Watersports, we’re very lucky that both our Marina and Hove Lagoon locations are central to the city with easy public transport. However, this might not be the case for many other sport activity places located out in the wilderness somewhere. So you will need to think about allocating a driver (someone willing to save the cocktails until later), and plan how you’ll get from the activity venue to wherever you plan to carry out your evening’s shenanigans. Again, if you’re looking to head into Central Brighton then transport is generally good. You’ll need to book a taxi back later!

Book… Numbers!

With sporting activities, we thoroughly recommend booking well in advance. Most companies who specialise in providing hen activities will be über flexible and good at catering to your every need but this can only go ahead if you book ahead and inform us of any changes. At Lagoon Watersports, we’re happy to meet most demands you throw at us as long as you let us know.

So there you go, you can’t go wrong, you’re all set! Get planning, choose your activity and we’ll see you on the water for the hen party of your dreams.

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